Well, the movie has been out since last fall but I’m just getting around to seeing it. I actually really liked the movie. Not only was it a great movie, but it did a pretty good job of representing the book. If you haven’t heard, Lawless is based on the book The Wettest County in the World which is base in depression era Franklin County, Virginia. I will have to finish writing a review for the movie when I get some free time.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, check this link to watch the trailer for Lawless.


Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine

If you’ve spent any time in the South, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous apple pie moonshine. Maybe you haven’t tried it, but you know someone that has. It has a legendary, almost underground cult status. Unlike the moonshine it’s made with, apple pie moonshine has is smooth and tasty. It really does taste like apple pie!

It’s really easy to make, and you don’t even need real moonshine to make it. You can use a high proof grain alcohol instead of shine.

Well, here is a recipe for apple pie moonshine. Enjoy, and be careful!:

Website: Moonshine, Blue Ridge Stlye

The Blue Ridge Institute & Museum of Ferrum College, Virginia created the website Moonshine – Blue Ridge Style. The site details the moonshine trade in the Blue Ridge section of Southwest Virginia. There’s some great material here about the Franklin County area and how it became known as the Moonshine Capital of the World.

Moonshine Blue Ridge Style

Website: Moonshine Heritage

Moonshine Heritage is a moonshine website that “Explores the History of Moonshine in the Appalachians.” The guy that runs it recently moved near Franklin County and discovered that there are old moonshine stills all over the place! He’s been walking the woods documenting his finds. It’s a pretty interesting site and he throws some moonshine history into the mix.

Moonshine Heritage

Franklin County Moonshine Video

Here’s the classic news report about Franklin County Moonshine. Check out the submarine stills those boys are running. It looks like they’re running four stills. Each submarine moonshine still holds 800 gallons of mash! The biggest operation in history had 32 submarine stills!

ABC agents say moonshine making a comeback in Blue Ridge Mountains

Franklin County Moonshine Still

Agents with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control seized this still in Penhook on March 12. Officers also found 16 firearms, including an automatic weapon.

In the past month, the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agents have seized five moonshine stills in Southwest Virginia. Two were seized in Franklin County and three were seized in Henry County.

One of the stills taken in Franklin County was a 400 gallon stainless steel boiler.